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About this App

Ampere Apk is an application that helps its users in checking the voltage of their battery. It was developed by Braintrapp web developers. The current flow depends on many factors. Some being the cable that the device is connected to either the USB or the wireless, the phone type, the tasks that are running in the background, the brightness percentage or the GPS state.

It also depends whether or not the wifi is connected and turned on. Ampere Apk lets its users check whether or not the battery is charging. And if it is charging then at what pace is it doing so. When the user has no charger connected to the device on which they are using Ampere Apk, then the app shows a negative signal while as obvious, for a positive signal the charger needs to be attached with the device. The app tells the user of the current in just 10 seconds.

Not only does the app let users know about the charging ability but it also lets its users know about other factors of the battery like the technology it is made of, or the IP address of the devices. Ampere Apk has a very friendly user interface. This helps the user in navigating easily and carrying out the desired function.

The app also lets one know if the cable is not working properly or if there is an issue with the charger itself. All these services are provided free of cost while the app Ampere Apk also has a premium version. This premium version of the Ampere Apk app also provides users with a dedicated widget along with the ability to get notifications and alerts about their battery life and other such things. All the phones may not be able to use this app. The app Ampere Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, internet connection settings, full network access, vibration control and device settings.


Ampere Apk