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About this App

The application Docs to Go Apk   allows users to make use of IT services to create their documents anywhere at any time of the day.  The application allows users to make use of its services on Android phones as well as on tablets. Docs to Go Apk   application allows users to view or create or even edit the Microsoft Office files as well as Microsoft Word files and Microsoft PowerPoint files.

Even provide users with the ability to add Excel files and edit them. Docs to Go Apk provides users with the ability to save the changes after they have done making the changes on the files. The application Docs to Go Apk   also provide users with a file sorting manager.  This manager Docs to Go Apk helps users in sorting their file by the name, by the category of modification, by their size and other such things. 

Docs To Go Apk

Docs to Go Apk Provide users with many of the features that are available in normal Microsoft Office.  It allows users to change the paragraph alignment in their Word documents as well as add bullets and numbering to them.  It even has a functionality for find and replace. 

One can also view the track to changes or the word count of their file. Docs to Go Apk It provides users with the ability to freeze there panes, are sort the columns like that they would do in a normal Microsoft excel file.  It also allows users to access the extensive cell number and sheet formatting options. Docs to Go Apk Also allows users to install, or delete, resize, hide or unhide rows and columns that are present in the Excel sheet.  It also allows users to rename the Excel sheet.

Docs To Go Apk