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FFXIV is also known as Final Fantasy XIV and it is a 3D fantasy-themed MMORPG game. It has high play base and it was launched in 2010. This game is a PC platform supported and can be played for free. It has lots of features with rich quality. Graphics are extremely awesome and seem realistic while playing the game.

It is a fantasy game where you will enter the fantasy realm of Eorzea, a land embraced by the Gods and forged by heroes. Storyline of this game is so fascinating and addictive. It has stunning gameplay that you can play for hours without getting bore. Play as a one of the five races in game.

Each race has unique abilities and you can pick different combat classes and styles from 15+ combat styles. You can master any one class and can become the master of that class. You can also choose mix classes for different situations in your journey. Battle against monsters and explore the whole fantasy world forged by ancient heroes. This game is completely free to play. Controls are adjustable within settings. Below are the main features of this game.