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About this App

Guru Maps Pro Apk is a paid navigation application that provides its users with easy and clear paths to reach their destination. It has a wide range of many different map sources to choose from. The user of Guru Maps Pro Apk can select a satellite map, a topo map, a landscape map, a sea chart, a cycling map and a hiking trail map.

This variety of path covers almost all paths that one would like to go on. The app is absolutely perfect if one wants to go off-road riding or wants to take a part in a competition. Guru Maps Pro Apk not only allows users to have access to the app’s services when the internet is connected but also allows them to use its services when they are offline. The searches of Guru Maps Pro Apk are incredibly fast and they appear instantly after the user types them in the app’s search bar.

The app Guru Maps Pro Apk allows its user to add whatever part of the location they want to i.e. they can add an object name, category or any of the GPS coordinates. Upon entering Guru Maps Pro Apk will show the user the fastest and easiest route to their destination. The multiple language feature of Guru Maps Pro Apk allows users of any region to easily use its services; this also helps Guru Maps Pro Apk to shatter the topographical or geographical boundaries.

It also has the ability to save one’s favourite place by bookmarking it. One can choose from the icons available to bookmark a desired place. Guru Maps Pro Apk also allows users to record their trip even when the app is running in the background. This helps the user to always be up to date to the location. One may also customize it by choosing colors or speed gradients. The app requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, location settings, internet connection settings and device and app history.

Guru Maps Pro Apk