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Lumosity Apk:is a brain training game that focuses on cognitive training and is fun and interactive game that lets you acquire about how your mind works. There are science based games that assist your mind to exercise memory, attention, problem-solving, speed and flexibility. There is a free ten minute test in the start of the game that sets your initial score and lets you compare your results with other players of your age. More than forty plus university researchers have worked together to bring this game in order to improve your Cognitive skills and the availability in many languages is what makes it popular. Lumosity Apk There are more than fifty activities in the game to train your brain as you play it and an unlimited amount of challenges to train your brain in language, mathematics, problem solving skills, speed, logics, memory training and more. A regular launch of new functionalities keeps your brain active in this brain training game. The brain workout modes are strategically set and enable you to judge your brain using the pre-set or customized preferred challenges. These neuropsychological and cognitive tasks present in the game create new challenges for your brain so that it can open up more nodes to gain cognitive skills. The detailed reports of your results lets you know about your weaknesses and strengths as well as the cognitive patterns of your brain. Lumosity Apk:enables you to analyze your brain and compare the ability of it to your day to day life.

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