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About this App

The app Mango Languages Apk allows users to learn any language that they want with ease. It was developed by Mango Languages web developers. The app Mango Languages Apk comes with a wide variety of amazing features. It helps users in having practical, real world conversations with people of that particular language. It has many linguist approved language courses.

The user of Mango Languages Apk can also make use of the studio recorded native speaker audio and learn easily. The app Mango Languages Apk also has an individualized spaced repetition review system. The user can also make use of the auto play option for the learning process. The hands free can be used as it is compatible with it.

The user can easily make use of this feature for their on the go learning.  The user can even download the lessons for offline working. The app Mango Languages Apk also has interactive listening and reading exercises. It also provides users with essential cultural insights. The app Mango Languages Apk content is even aligned with the international standards.

It is also compatible with Bluetooth and has a personalized support for real humans. The courses available for English speakers include English for Arabic (Egyptian) Speakers, for Arabic (Modern Standard) Speakers, for Armenian Speakers, for Bengali Speakers, for Chinese (Cantonese) Speakers, for Chinese (Mandarin) Speaker, for French Speakers, for German Speakers, for Greek Speakers, for Haitian Creole Speakers, for Hmong Speakers, for Italian Speakers, for Japanese Speakers, for Korean Speakers, for Polish Speakers, for Portuguese (Brazilian) Speakers, for Russian Speakers, for Somali Speakers, for Spanish (Latin American) Speakers, for Turkish Speakers, and for Vietnamese Speakers.


Mango Languages Apk