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App nameOpenSky – Drone Flyer App

Wing Aviation LLC

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About this App

It’s often difficult for drone operators to determine where they can and cannot fly. OpenSky is the simplest and fastest way to view drone rules and regulations in the U.S. and Australia. Pilots can find out where to fly their drone, plan a flight with a few quick clicks, check airspace rules and get near real-time access to controlled airspace through LAANC.Features of OpenSky include:
Guide for drone flying – Find out where and when you can and cannot fly based on published aviation regulations set by the FAA (U.S) and CASA (Australia).
Compliance maps from Aviation Authorities – OpenSky makes it easy to visualize airspace rules tailored to your operation and aircraft; for both recreational & commercial drone operators.
Identify Risks – OpenSky will help identify possible flight hazards in your area like Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs).
Airspace authorizations – Drone operators can automatically request authorization to fly in controlled airspace, including the busy airspace near major cities. In the United States this is called LAANC.
Track your missions – OpenSky will track and manage your past and upcoming flights, and notify you of changes to any planned flights. You can find out more about Opensky at: