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App nameOust – Learn Smarter 2.10.77

Oust Labs

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About this App

Oust helps your employees and affiliates learn new things quickly and efficiently. Your custom content is delivered instantaneously to all in the form of micro-courses, assessments, and contests. You need an enterprise license to access this application. Need one – write to [email protected] play short 2-minute modules as well as assessments to continuously learn. They also earn virtual currency – Oust Coins that can be redeemed or tied into the corporate reward and recognition programs.The app can be fully white-labeled to deliver a specific brand experience for different clients.We are downloading the media files like, Image’s, audio’s and PDF’s which is primary for accessing the Courses or the Learning modules. And Based on the requirements, we may also, asking the user to upload the Images, Audios and Videos for Evaluation.Supported features :
– Pre-hire assessments
– Fast onboarding of new employees
– Product Training
– Live video training (needs Oust Live companion app)
– Contests (including our highly acclaimed Fast Finger First contest)
– Surveys
– Newsfeeds/Alerts
– Topic wise bulletin boards
– CertificationsOur Customers: We have several large corporates using our app to train ten’s of thousands of employees and contractors across the globe. Notable clients include
– Airtel
– Care 24
– Zimmber (Quikr)
– and many more…Trivia :
– Oust application is available to on the web/mobile web at www.oustme.com
– Content for Oust is authored on our web platform Oust MPower
– Do send us feedback and suggestions to [email protected] – and expect a response in 24 hrs or less.
– Like us – facebook.com/oustlabs