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About this App

Panda Video Compressor apk is a video compressing application that one can use to easily share one’s videos on social media platforms or through email after reducing their sizes. Panda Video Compressor apk is developed by Farluner apps and games.  With this video compressor, one can compress videos while simultaneously also preserving the quality of the original video file. Panda Video Compressor apk application interface is very simple and easy to use. One can easily access the photos and videos stored in their phone’s gallery, which can then be automatically uploaded to the application and can be compressed in a few seconds.

The app Panda Video Compressor apk stores the new compressed files in a new, automatically-created album. The steps one has to follow includes choosing the size of the file to be edited. The option includes small, medium, or larger files or one can also choose the automatic option that compresses the file so it’s small enough to be sent through an email. Panda Video Compressor apk also shows both files, the compressed and the original, so one can compare the quality before downloading the file. The app is useful for sharing high-quality photos and videos on social media platforms in various different formats.

This compatibility to different apps such as Telegram, WeChat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp,​Discord, Viber, Line, etc. allows them to use it easily. The application is very lightweight so it takes little space in the user’s phone. It also takes up very less data and can be used without connecting any source of internet this feature helps one use it wherever and whenever one likes. The application Panda Video Compressor apk needs permission to access storage files, media files, location and internet connection.

Panda Video Compressor Apk