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About this App

Pixel Studio Pro Apk is a free application which provides its service to creative editors as well as game developers. It was developed by Hippo just a few years back but the application Pixel Studio Pro apk had made its mark among people of all ages. Pixel Studio Pro apk is a very versatile application for creating, editing, designing any simple content into aesthetically pleasing.

It is very simple to use, fast to function and can be taken anywhere due to its portable nature. It does not matter whether the user is a beginner or a professional as it helps them create their masterpiece with ease. It is a go to option for users who want to learn about pixel art and want to create their own images in traditional pixel style.

Pixels are represented as squares in the pixels are represented as squares Pixel Studio Pro apk. These come in different sizes and colors. These components have the ability to arrange together in a reasonable way to create a complete, aesthetic and out of the box image. It follows the more, the merrier principle. The more pixels an image contains, the more real it looks. One can easily fill in the gaps of their painting by clicking on the paint bucket icon built into the screen.

It supports layers and animations and has loads of useful drawing tools which are super-efficient in creating amazing projects. One can use the ‘pencil’ tool to draw simple lines on the available grid, or even use an eraser to fix any imperfections or can pour paint into the gaps as per their liking. It has good compatibility with Google Drive, which helps the user to sync their work between various different electronic devices and platforms.  Pixel studio pro apk supports various different formats such as jpg, png, psp etc. It has a Gif maker that makes it even more interesting.

Pixel Studio Pro Apk