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Do you want to send your files without having any losses of data? Or are you fed up with transferring files only on internet connection on mobile data? Send Anywhere APK makes sure that you are able to do that in just a blink of an eye.

The application Send Anywhere APK allows users to send data anywhere they like.  It has a very easy and quick system to provide service. Send Anywhere APK allows unlimited file sharing between any two devices.  The transfer file is not altered and the original is kept safe while the process of transfer is carried out.

Send Anywhere APK also provides users with a 6 digit key.  With 256 bit encryption, the user of Send Anywhere APK feels secure and safeguarded without having to think about anyone else getting into their file and releasing them or sharing them with anybody else.  The application Send Anywhere APK also provides users with the ability to be free of any kind of Internet connection.

This is because the application Send Anywhere APK is able to work even when no mobile data is present or there is no internet connection available. Send Anywhere APK Users can share any kind of media files including their photos, videos, music files, important documents, presentations, or any other work related file in any format easily from one device to another.

The application does not take much time to do its job. Send Anywhere APK also comes with very active customer care.  This customer care provides users with the ability to demand answers to the queries in an instant without having to face any kind of difficulty. The app Send Anywhere APK requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, read internal storage, media files settings, location settings, camera settings and device settings.

Send Anywhere APK