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About this App

Sometimes you need an application that does your work and saves you from so much hustle. It is quite hard to manage your files and applications and other important documents when you are lazy or can’t organize them properly. There must be an application that could do this work and allow people to keep all of their applications and necessary files at one place.

This application is known as Sfile Mobi APK as it is built for the Android devices such as smartphones and tablets. You can have a great time using this application because all of your things will be stored very well. It is like a cloud storage application that organizes things and manages them for you.

You can save any kind of file in this application without any worries. Also you can make your data either public or private to avoid any problem so you can share with your contacts. There are a lot of customization offers available in this game that you will love to use. The interface can be changed as per your preference. However there are a number of features of this brilliant application that you must know about. Let’s have a look at all those features and learn about this application a bit more to understand it.

Sfile Mobi Apk