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About this App

There are hundreds of different applications on the internet which you can use to watch movies and tv shows but many of them need real money to run. That’s why we are going to share a free platform with you. On this application you can watch thousands of movies or tv shows for free and the name of that application is video buddy.

This live video streaming app has millions of active users who watch their favorite shows on this application on a daily basis. In this application you will get many awesome features which you can use while streaming live on this app such as subtitles and downloading. You will get all video content for free to watch.

Video buddy app doesn’t need high end mobile devices to run so you can easily download and install this application on any device you want. This app has no bugs or errors because of good optimization which is why you will never get lagging issues. So let’s have a look at the other main features of this video app.

Videobuddy Mod Apk