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About this App

WaveEditor for Android apk is a professional high end application that allows users to edit, record, and learn audio making skills. WaveEditor for android apk is developed by Sound Base Audio developers which is a limited liability company. This application provides its facilities to musicians that love to edit old tracks or record new tracks. This gives their work a professional touch without costing them even a dime. One does not need a larger device to function it. Its compact feature helps in using the features on a smaller smartphone without any issues.

One can easily edit the music as per their liking, add the effects available in the library, cut and arrange the tunes together. One can use the Zooming, panning, and selection features to add smoothness to their music track. In case of any mistake or change of thoughts, the user can use the Undo / Redo option or can copy the music to another location to give a repetition effect in their music track. It also allows users to auto tune their voices. The application has a very sleek and easy to use interface that makes it easy for the users to navigate through the app and choose their desired editing choice.

WaveEditor for android apk also supports a large variety of import and export files such as mp3, mp4, ogg, paf, pcm, pvf, raw, sd2, sf etc. The huge variety of file types make it suitable for the user to easily convert audio format and in media playback. Apart from having a free version of WaveEditor for android apk, It is available in a premium version as well that requires a few charges to make use of. It contains a huge number of professional features along with no additional advertisements. The application requires permissions to access To Storage files for importing and exporting audio files, microphone, media files and internet connectivity.

WaveEditor For Android Apk