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About this App

Do you want to buy a high end microphone for your personal computer or your smartphone?  But you do not want to spend that much money? No worries, WO Mic Apk has got your back.

WO Mic Apk is an application that provides its users with high level sound quality. The users do not have to pay for the expensive headsets available in the market but can easily use WO Mic Apk app services free of cost. WO Mic Apk provides high quality services that allows users to make use of it with crisp and clear sounds. WO Mic Apk turns its user’s phone into a temporary microphone.

This enables the users to carry out their voice overs by using their phones instead of buying an expensive set. The functionality is quite simple which allows anyone to use WO Mic Apk without having to look for a user guide. The interface of WO Mic Apk is intuitive and friendly which makes the usage even more fun and easy. The interface has a simple white array.

The WO Mic Apk app is able to work in the background and the user can even make changes to the microphone’s volume. The best thing about WO Mic Apk is that it can be used whenever one likes at whatever time of the day as it is handy and the users do not have to carry the whole sound set or heavy headphones everywhere.

The user of WO Mic Apk can conveniently add the WO Mic Apk app through a USB or Bluetooth service. Wi-Fi can also be used in place of the previous two methods. The user may also customize the microphone that allows users to eliminate any background noise, or issues related to transparent voices and volume of the recordings. The app WO Mic Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, microphone settings, and device settings.


WO Mic Apk