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App nameWPS WPA Tester Premium Mod Apk
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About this App

WPS WPA Tester Premium is a great utility tool which lets you check the status of wireless network connection via WPS protocol. You can easily check your wifi connection and details using this great tester tool. You have to grant permission to this app to access all the details of your wifi including wps and wpa details.

If your wifi wpa is active, then you can easily turn it off using the app. It shows you the details of connected devices with your internet. You can easily keep checks on your wifi connection and see if your wifi is being used illegally.

You can also change the password of your wifi without any hassle. Change the name of your WiFi and avoid any stranger to use your password. You do not need to root your device in order to use this app. It is free to use app and comes with great features.

WPS WPA Tester Premium Mod APK