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About this App

Most of the time it happens that we want to explore a certain app but we couldn’t because it is banned in our area or there are certain websites which we want to visit but we couldn’t because of it’s unavailability in our country. We all have been through these situations and all of us thrive to find a solution for this problem. The most common solution to this problem is the use of the VPN.

VPN stands for virtual private network. It helps you to change your IP address to a private network with the help of which you can access all the block apps and websites in your area. There are many VPN apps available in the market and one of these is the 3x VPN. It was developed by fruit security studio.

It’s just like other VPN apps but it defeats them in its user-friendly interface and smooth touch controls. This app allows you to download all the blocked apps and also helps you to visit the blocked sites freely. It works by changing your IP address to the IP address of another country where all these apps and websites are available. If you want to explore more about this app, do read this article thoroughly.

3x VPN Mod APK