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About this App

AccuBattery Apk is a great application for the people who are concerned with their phone’s battery getting drained quickly. It was developed by Digibites, a web developing company. This independent app developer focuses on the quality provision of the app services. AccuBattery apk does not require any kind of private information to be put into it to make use of its services. Nor does it provide fake services. AccuBattery Apk provides services without letting the user pay even a penny.

Although it comes with a premium version that helps users get more advanced features. AccuBattery Apk allows users to keep a charge alarm for themselves. This helps the user to set a percentage which it wants the battery to charge. When the user’s battery gets charged to the established percentage, then the user will receive a notification and the device will automatically stop charging. AccuBattery Apk also lets the user know of the speed at which the battery is charging.

It supplies the stats with and without the usage of the phone as well as when the screen is on or off. AccuBattery Apk has a very friendly user interface that helps the user to navigate easily through the app and look into the categories. It tells the users of the applications that are causing the battery to drain a lot.

AccuBattery Apk helps users in cutting down on the battery drainage by activating the battery saving option this helps the user in only carrying out the important tasks such as calling or messaging etc. This prevents excessive battery drainage by other apps and lets users use the phone for a longer period of time. The app requires AccuBattery Apk permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, contact files, device and app history and other settings.

AccuBattery Apk