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About this App

The application provides users with a lot of Amazing benefits that help them create a powerful code. The application was developed by Foxdebug web developers. The uses of this application can easy edit their codes without having to require a big heavy software for it. The users can make use of this application to edit their HTML codes or java script codes for any kind of text.

Not only does this application provides users with editing service but it also helps the user in creating their own website. The application also provides users with an inbuilt web browser on which they can check their newly created website. The application also allows users with the ability to correct the mistakes of the codes that they have just recently developed or of the website that they have created through this application by checking the errors or logs in the console that is available in the application.

The application allows users to edit any type of the source file at as it is compatible with a lot of different languages. The language could be python, CSS, HTML, Java, JavaScript, dardo and many more. This is an open source application which the users can easily customise as per their desired requirement. It will require the user to give them some permission such as formation to have access to the photos and media files settings and storage settings etc.

Acode - Powerful Code Editor Apk