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App Cloner Mod Apk:is the only reliable app that has the ability to establish an installable, true, and independent clone of an already existing app. This app has many customizable features and each feature is true, to what is required of it. This app is super easy to use and each icon contains instructions to guide the users.

App Cloner Mod Apk:app is specifically designed for users that have multiple accounts on the same app and they want you to use all of them simultaneously. Through this app, you can multiple login accounts for YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also create a business as well as a personal account simultaneously. There are more exciting features of this app which include the name customization of the app. You can change the name and icon of the application at the same time. If you have limited space you can even download this app on your SD card. App Cloner Mod Apk App Cloner Mod Apk:app is convertible and can be turned into a floating window app as well. The user can also disable the wave lock and autostart for added convenience. This app can also be protected by using a password so that no other user can access your personal id. Through this app you can also hide your spoofing location, android id, and incognito mode. This app also provides you full control as you can restrict this app from using the WIFI and you can shift it to data. You can upgrade this app to avail of numerous customizable options.

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