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Screen recording is an exceptional feature which is very attractive to regular mobile users. Some android devices come with a built-in feature of screen recording while some need to use an application for this feature. This feature helps you to record your screen while you are doing anything on your phone.

Today in the online world this feature has become a necessary need. Many applications have been introduced in the market which enables you to record your screen. AZ Screen Recorder is an app that allows you to to capture your screen with multiple features. This is an exceptional app that will allow you to live stream your screen on the selected apps. You just have to enable the AZ Screen Recorder and select the app to which you want to live stream.

You can also edit the recorded videos with this app and use it. It allows you to record your screen in very high quality. You can also add various video effects to your video while editing. This app has received many positive reviews and is one of the most reliable apps if you want to record your screen.

AZ Screen Recorder Mod APK