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The application CandyCons Apk provides users with a huge range of different icons that take and use to make the phone look more uniform as per their liking. The application CandyCons Apk was launched four years back and was developed by myAP devs web developers. CandyCons Apk Application as a lot of beautiful Icon set which have a different color tone for each of them. This provide users with all kinds of types that they could human the possibly think.

Even if a person is picky in their choices then they can also get whatever they want from this application due to its large catalogue of icon shapes and colors present in it. Al of the services provided by the app is without any charges. The CandyCons Apk application consists of all kinds of icons those that look artsy and those that looks sophisticated. The user of this application can not only change the icon shape and color of the applications that are present in the phone by default but also consists of applications that are present in the Google App Store like Pinterest, Skype,  Netflix and many more.

Users can make use of the CandyCons Apk application to create a whole new look of their own smartphone and personalize it as per their Desire and liking. Due to its large number of options the user can change it very often and the cherry on the cake is the regular updates that the application gets as it give them even more icons to play with. The app CandyCons Apk requires some permissions like, the permission to have access o device settings so that it can work properly. Other permissions include the ability to have access to settings of photos and media files, internet connectivity settings, wallpaper settings, Google Play license, check, vibration control and storage settings.

CandyCons Apk