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About this App

The application Colorize It Apk allows users to color their black and white monochromatic photos with ease.  The app is developed by ReAImagine web developers. It has many different features that the user may use.  The application Colorize It Apk uses neural networks as well as the artificial intelligence techniques to automatically color the grayscale images that the user enters into the application.  The provision of services by Colorize It Apk is quite efficient.

The services that the application Colorize It Apk provides so good that any other person would not be able to judge that this photo was black and white before it’s editing.  Colorize It Apk makes the photos colored in just a couple of minutes.  This helps revive all the old memories.

The images that are to the colorized should be selected from the gallery or should be taken directly by using the camera of the application.  After selecting the picture or taking the photo, this photo is sent to the server that carries out the remaining process of coloring the photo.  Colorize It Apk application requires internet connection as all this process is only carried out when internet is available. 

According to the privacy policy of the Colorize It Apk application, no picture is saved in the application itself.  This helps in preventing any leakage of private photos in the internet world. For getting the best results by using this application, the user would have to enter a photo that is a good quality, has a good contrast, has good focus (no blurs) and has the correct orientation. The user can carry out edits as much as they want without fearing to reach the edit limit. The app Colorize It Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, camera settings, and device and app settings.


Colorize It Apk