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Do you want to have fun changing your look?  Are you looking for an app that is easy to use but also helps you pass your time and keep boredom at Bay? Look no further, Dollify APK is just the right app for you.

Dollify APK is a very different and innovative app that allows its users to make use of its amazing features to create as many different others as they like. It is developed by Dave XP developers. Dollify Apk Has many different options and alternatives that one may use to create their looks.  It has 14 different categories giving users a large amount of tools to work from.

The user May make use of this app Dollify Apk to create beautiful pictures of dolls and then use it anywhere on their social media platform.  The user may change not only the dolls clothes but can also even change the skin tone of the dolls.  Other features that  are included in the Dollify Apk app are options for changing eyebrows, adding contact lenses,  adding jewelry pieces, picking up a beautiful piece of glasses,  making use of editing tools to create a completely different look by changing the hair color of the doll.

Dollify Apk has 15 different options for skin tone,  20 different options for choosing eyes,  and many other options for using the eyelashes, lips and hairstyles.  Not only does Dollify Apk allow users to change the dolls Avatar but it also allows users to add filters to their edits. 

These filters may include Puppy filters or filters with Kitty ears just like those of Snapchat. The app Dollify Apk not only allows users to edit their pictures but also allows users to save it in their smartphone memory.  This allows them to easily hear these add it to whatever platform they want to.  The application Dollify Apk consists of many dummies. These dummies give the users the opportunity to edit freely. First the user has to select the gender of the doll.  After selecting the gender one may add as many edits as they like and customize it as they would prefer.


Dollify Apk