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About this App

Dumpster pro apk is an application that enables its users to recover their lost data that might have gotten deleted by mistake. It was developed by Baloota, an android developer. Dumpster pro apk has been highly ranked in several countries all around the globe and has a distinction of over 10 million downloads and installs. This makes it one of the most popular apps in use by android users. The user can restore Photos and even recover videos that have been deleted in a hassle.

Dumpster pro apk works as a recycle bin just like the recycling bin in Windows used on computer softwares but this app provides its services on android phones. Once the person has downloaded the application Dumpster pro apk, it will start doing its job. It will automatically backup their data that they have recently deleted. When working on recovering data, Dumpster pro apk does not distinguish between devices because of root privileges.

It allows its downloader to undelete files, restore photos, and recover any deleted videos they like. It performs all these amazing actions by using a deleted photo recovery tool, a deleted video recovery tool etc. Not only does Dumpster pro apk provide services in recovering data but also acts as a bodyguard because of its Dumpster’s app lock functionality. One is able to keep your media files safe from outside viewers or any person who wants to get into the users business without permission. It does so by using a 4 digit secure access code. It also offers a flexible and completely secure cloud storage to its users.

This helps them to clean up their valuable storage space on their device. Dumpster’s unlimited cloud storage is a premium feature and is not present in its free version. It enables users to save all their recently deleted files directly in the Dumpster pro apk folder. Other advanced features include ad free usage, ability to use personalized themes and designs. The app requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, contact files, and device and app history.