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About this App

The App ENIX – Icon Pack Apk Allow users to change the default icons of their phone apps.  It helps users in giving their phone a dynamic and uniform look. ENIX – Icon Pack Apk  is able to change the shapes of the icons so that all of the items that are present in the device whether they belong to the apps that are already present  such as Google Drive,  Gmail  and others or the ones that are downloaded by the users themselves Such as  WhatsApp,  Twitter,  Facebook,  Instagram,  and others.

The app ENIX – Icon Pack Apk consists of many different varieties of icons in many different shapes. It has more than 1200 icons present in it. ENIX – Icon Pack Apk allows users to change the shape of the icons as per their preference.  The shape could be of a circle, a rectangle, an abstract shape as per the liking of the user. The user can make use of the ENIX – Icon Pack Apk app’s service to change the icons on a daily basis.  The application does not affect the device as it can also run in the background.  It consumes very little battery.


ENIX - Icon Pack Apk