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About this App

The app EOBD Facile Apk provide Users with the ability to assess the performance of the car.  The app EOBD Facile Apk was developed by Outils OBD Facile web developers. It enables a user to fix themselves by helping them know the problem that the car is facing. It makes repair easy for them by diagnosing the obd2 problems. 

The user of EOBD Facile Apk would be needing any mechanic to fix that fire.  All of the services that the app EOBD Facile Apk   provides are free of cost. To make use of EOBD Facile Apk   service, the obd2 port need to be connected to the car.  For this connection, the user requires a Bluetooth connection or can either use a Wi-Fi connection. 

The user can easily know the meanings of the fault codes and lead themselves to the solution of the problems they are facing. EOBD Facile Apk   comes with a friendly and intuitive interface.  This contains graphics that help the users to completely understand the problem that the car might be facing.

For diagnosing the problem, there are certain parts in the application EOBD Facile Apk   that the user can have access to with just a touch.  While others require a scientific approach.  For example, when the user clicks on the status to check the status of the car, a bunch of information pops up on the screen.

This tells the user which of the parts of the car are not working properly. EOBD Facile Apk Give a wet signal for the problematic parts while a green signal for the good ones.  EOBD Facile Apk Consist of many different engine and transmission fault codes, as well as contains a malfunction indicator light. The app EOBD Facile Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, connectivity settings and device and app settings.


EOBD Facile Apk