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About this App

File Commander Apk Allows users to easily manage their files as well as an easy access to the files.  The application allows users to add files to the Archives to save the space and data in their phone. File Commander Apk also allows users to save their login profile of different accounts.

This helps them in connecting to that particular app in just a couple of seconds without having to enter the password and the username again and again.  It also allows users to save the personalization of different devices easily.  File Commander Apk Also gives access to Windows based local network locations as well as FTP servers and remote shares such as for Sony Xperia devices.

Mobidrive facility provided by the application File Commander Apk allows users to have access to 5 GB of free storage in the free version while its premium version offers 50 GB of free storage for the user to easily save their files in it.  The user is able to share any files as well as folders without thinking about the limitations the might face.

File Commander Apk also has and offline feature.  This allows users to have access to their drive files even when internet connection is not available or Wi-Fi is not connected. File Commander Apk Also behave as a Storage analyzer.  It shows the detailed information on which app is taking the most of the space.

It also provide suggestions to the users which may help them to delete applications or free up some space. File Commander Apk analyses internal and external locations. File Commander Apk also has a vault that allows users to protect the sensitive data from any prying Eyes.  It has strong Password encryption that nobody can break into.

File Commander Apk