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About this App

Flux White apk is an android application that allows its users to change their user interface by employing the various wallpaper changes that Flux White apk enables them to do. The app Flux White apk is developed by Giannisgx89 app developers. Since the advancement in technology, mobile phones have become an integral part of everyday life.

IT is hard to imagine life without them. Although the number of models available in the market makes it more intriguing for the user to have access to the best features of all the mobile phones. So to make the experience a little bit more fun and engaging, Flux White Apk has made multiple wallpaper options available to the general public, the users do not have to pay for the services of the app. 

Flux White Apk not only has wallpaper themes that have great pixels and high quality graphics but it also has various solid color options that allows users to make their own customized themes. One can choose whatever accent colors they would like to. Not only does it supply interface themes and wallpapers but it also allows users to change the appearance of their app icons. The roles however remain the same.

One can change the appearance of their contact list and add backgrounds to their phone calls. Flux White Apk is a very easy to use app that allows users to make changes easily. Flux White Apk also allows the user to arrange their notifications and see them just on the screen without actually opening the app.

It saves time and energy and gets the job done in a quick manner. The in-built keyboard has multiple language options thus is easily accessible by anyone. The app Flux White Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, contact files, and device and app history and other related settings.


Flux White Apk