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About this App

We all like to have some extra-curricular activities which we like to do in our spare time. Most of us play games in our spare time. These activities are an escape from boredom. Some people like to play golf as a sport. But it needs a special ground for it. Many sports games have been introduced in the market like cricket, football, basketball etc.

Golf King World Tour is a game which is based on the golf game. This game was developed by the RisingWings. This is an exceptional game for all the golf lovers. The gameplay is as simple as real golf. You will be given different grounds and places where you will have to put the ball in the hole. The different ground can be a forest etc.

This is a Multiplayer game where you can play with other people as well. For this purpose you will need an internet connection. This game offers realistic 3D graphics and Captivating that makes your game more interesting. It has gained several hundred great reviews. It has a user-friendly interface and has compatibility with all android devices. But there are certain features that need to be unlocked.

Golf King World Tour MOD APK