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About this App

HideX Apk allows users to keep their photos and other such media files safe from any kind of intruders. HideX Apk was developed by the Flatfish Studio’s web developers HideX Apk allows users to hide their media files behind a fake calculator icon. This helps them in keeping their galley out of the spotlight. Nobody would ever hint on a gallery presence behind a calculator icon on the home screen.

Users of HideX Apk can also create fake calculator icons which may have nothing related to media files. This helps them in protecting their files even if someone accidently reaches there. To make the app look more believable, HideX Apk makes sure that the calculator app consists of all the normal operations that the calculator usually performs. It has the scientific calculator operations as well as the basic calculator options.

HideX Apk allows users to even put a code on the apps to further strengthen the security. To do this the user will have to choose which password method they would like toad. It provides two options, one in the PIN protection while other is the High grade security also called the military grade encryption procedure. This makes the privacy unbreakable. Not only does it let users protect their data, but HideX App Also has an inbuilt browser.

It helps users to privately search and watch whatever they like. Incognito mode option is also available. The browsing history as well as the watch history is safe from any kind of intruder activity. HideX Apk allows users to get into the app through the calculator as a disguise. To enter any password the user will have to press the “equal to” (=) sign and then enter their password. This also gives a feeling of a high tech agent.

HideX Apk allows users to have direct access to the Camera to record videos or take pictures directly. The app HideX Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, calendar settings, Location settings, SMS settings, camera settings, Microphone settings, contact files, device and app history and many more.

HideX Apk