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The phrase that because of the internet the world is just a click away is fully mythical because all the websites and apps are not available for every region. Because of certain possibilities some apps can be available in one region and not in the other. What do we do for this purpose?, we surely go for a VPN connection, but what are the possibilities that the VPN connection that we have opted for is completely safe?. All these questions roam in our mind when we go for VPN. So here is a very reliable app which is known as the Hola VPN app. This app was developed by Hola VPN Limited. Most of the time you want to have access to certain websites and apps but could not do so because they are not available in your region. In this situation VPN serves the purpose you can change your location to any country without the help of Hola VPN. This app changes your IP address and makes the band apps accessible to you. There are many VPN apps in the market but Hola VPN has most of the advanced features that the other apps do not have. These features have been discussed in depth in this article.