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About this App

Hunk TV Apk is an android entertainment platform that provides users with the ability to watch their favorite entertainment content without paying a single penny. It was developed by Hunk Tv developers. Hunk TV Apk is able to become a good competitor to other paid services like Hulu, Netflix etc.

It provides its users with every category of content be it thriller, adventure, horror, sci-fi, comedy, drama or any other genre. Not only does it provide users the ability to watch movies and web series but it also provides them with Live streaming ability. People with a love for any category can easily watch their desired content either sports, news, dramas or movies, absolutely free of cost. The only thing that one would have to pay for would be their internet bill and a streaming device such as an android phone or TV. Thus Hunk TV Apk loosens up the tension of paying to watch your favourite content.

It has a huge range of channels that one can stream through and watch whatever they like similar to that they would use a TV for. Hunk TV Apk also allows users to search and watch their desired content by setting the streaming quality. However the app is designed to adjust as well according to the user’s internet connection.

The user can easily request the Hunk TV Apk to stream their favorite movies .This can be done through the active customer care of Hunk TV Apk. They have a telegram setting as well that helps users to directly get in contact with them. Sports lovers, web series watchers, movie fanatics, keen news watchers, wrestling lovers and a lot more, can make use of Hunk TV Apk by simply installing the app in their devices. Although this version is for free, it does offer users a premium version with premium benefits. The app Hunk TV Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, SD card settings, and device and app history settings.