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About this App

In the world there are some people who like to do drawing and are very passionate about art and design. So to facilitate such people there are also some applications that are of the art and design category. In this way the art passionate people also get entertained.

Ibis Paint x Mod Apk is a very famous and popular application which has become highly trending among the art lovers. They find this application very convenient as they do not need to bring a lot of material like paper, pens, colors and brushes for painting. But instead they can simply do painting digitally in their portable Android devices. Ibis Paint x Mod Apk works best on Android Smartphones and Tablets. This application has been downloaded in various areas of the world by millions of people and the reviews of this application are highly encouraging and super positive.

Ibis Paint x Mod Apk has a really nice interface and impressive features which will undoubtedly impress any art lover. The features will convince any person to download this application if he has love for art and design.

Ibis Paint X Mod Apk