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About this App

If you have friends and family members in India then this application is for you whose name is indycall because on this app you can make free high quality calls to all your indian friends. You don’t need credits to call which means you can enjoy free calling without any problem. But your free call will depend on your location and the number that you dial from this application.

Indycall Mod APK

The Indycall app is used by millions of people around the globe which is why it has good reviews and ratings in the communication category. You can easily register your phone number to get proper access from this application. If you are running out of free minutes, then don’t worry because you can regain them by watching advertisements and taking surveys.

The Indycall app works very well because it has great optimization which makes this app smooth. You will never face lagging issues during calls because of the great optimization. It has a simple user interface which is why anyone can enjoy this app without any problem. Now let’s check out the main features of this application which makes it unique from others.