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About this App

The app INKredible Apk enables users to make use our services to write easily on their Android device. Not only does the user of this application be able to write easy but they can also draw as much as the like and whenever they like. The application INKredible Apk works just like that of a notebook. The finger can act as a pen and the user can also use a different stylus.Tool bar that is present on the left side of the screen of the application supplies users with the tools that the user can use to customize their experience.

The user can customize the pen stroke, pen type, the pen opacity, the weight of the stroke and many more as per the requirement. The user of INKredible Apk can also customize the opacity, weight, font of the word as per their liking. The user can also change the paper type as it has a few types available. The toolbar can be made visible or can be hidden as per the mood.

The app INKredible Apk is super easy to use and does not require any kind of user guide. The good sensitivity that the app has provides users with smooth strokes and lines.

INKredible Apk