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About this App

Just like Instagram there is another app which has exactly the same features but with a different twist. You can also call this app the Instagram Mod APK since it has all the modded features of Instagram. Yes, we are talking about the Instander app which has all the features of Instagram. It will amaze you with its excellent features and brilliant tools.

Instander is used to follow new people and make new friends online. With the help of this app you can download all the photos and videos that you basically see in the Instagram app. Usually those photos are not downloadable as no such feature exists in Instagram. But with the aid of Instander you can have all the fun by saving the photos and videos you like.

It has multiple amazing features which you should know about this app. You will see no ads in this app which is a great thing for the user experience. You can also create your own profiles and follow other famous people or your friends. This app is perfect to build friendships and relationships between people which is a great thing. So these are all the exceptional things about this app.

If you want to learn more about this app then start reading this blog right from here and do not miss even a single detail. We promise this app has a lot to offer that you must try out.