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About this App

Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk provides its users with an antivirus solution to help keep their electronic devices, phones or tablets whatever they are using, free from any kind of malware that may damage their device’s software. Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk is launched by Kaspersky Lab, a Russian multinational cybersecurity and anti-virus providing company whose head office lies in Moscow, Russia. It is operated by a holding company in the United Kingdom.

It acts as a security tool for electronic devices is not just the usual antivirus application but is much more than that because of the amazing features that it has to offer. Almost every day, unlimited number of people lose their data because of any kind of suspicious activity such as installation of any kind of viruses or malware into the user’s devices because of their act of visiting any website that may include these virus codes. Here is where Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk plays its part. It   comes with tools that allows users to block calls and even text messages from numbers one wants to.

Along With anti-theft tools, Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk allows one to even locate a lost or stolen device through any kind of internet connection such as 3G or wifi. It also allows users to automatically erase their phone’s data by just clicking in the respective icon. It also blocks any kind of spam from the internet world. The application Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk has a user friendly interface which offers a best experience to its users. It allows users to easily go through the Kaspersky mobile antivirus apk catalog quickly and discover its uses. Scanning using this application can be performed on any part of the user’s phone such as a specific category or a specific folder or can be performed on the entire device.

Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus Apk