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About this App

Mi Control Center apk is an application that provides services as an amazing phone customizer thus transforming the way one uses their device. It is developed by ZipoApps. It allows one to personalize their phone to MIUI or iOS design very easily without any troubles of sorts. It has proved to be a powerful application that can behave as a control center. It enables its users to separate the phone’s quick settings from notifications.

Using this application, one can swipe down from the left of the status bar of their phone to read their notifications and control device settings from the right side. Mi Control Center apk modifies your Android smartphone’s experience and converts the usual control center to any of the two layouts offered by it, MIUI and iOS design layout. It allows the user to set up their smartphone to their liking which is usually not always entirely possible as by default, there are certain settings that one cannot change however much they want to. But with Mi Control Center apk, one can adjust the features of their control center however they want.

Mi Control Center apk requires access to phone permissions. After installing Mi Control Center apk, one has to accept the requested permissions one by one without rushing through them. After saying yes to all the permissions, whatever changes one would have selected will be made automatically. The options one is given are speed of notifications arrival, the base color of one’s smartphone design, and the appearance of the icons present on the screen. 

Mi Control Center apk offers different shapes for changing icons such as circles, squares, or gradients, or other options that are available on the app. One can also send direct quick replies to the messages they receive, as soon as they see them, which prevent the extra effort to open the respective application to give a reply. It allows changing the icons’ arrangement, fonts, and colors.

Mi Control Center Apk