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Moviebox is one of the best and most popular online movie streaming app for android platform. Millions of people use this app to watch their favourite movies and TV shows. This app has beautiful user interface with amazing colors and optimization. You can filter your search and explore categories to find the best and latest movie for you.

There is so much content to watch that you can spend years to complete the movies and TV shows. Watch latest movies and latest episodes of your favourite series. This app also has subtitles in different languages which you can load easily while watching movies. Movies and TV shows are available in HD and 4k quality.

Video quality and sound quality of movies and shows are so much great and awesome. It has the best media player which allows you to control the brightness and volume with gestures. You can also control the speed of subtitles and font size of subtitles while watching movies and shows. It has powerful servers which streams movies and shows with best quality possible. There are so many great features of this app available which we are going to discuss below.

Moviebox Apk