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About this App

Nox Cleaner Apk help the users in cleaning their junk files and seeing up space in there Android Smartphones or devices on which application is installed. The application makes sure that no cache files or any other junk files are present in the device that may take up the storage space of that device.

Nox Cleaner Apk also act as a battery saver.  It analyses the battery use it status and then helps the user and finds those applications that are automatically draining the battery.  After finding those applications, Nox Cleaner Apk cleans them up and stops them to increase the battery life. Nox Cleaner Apk Also act as an application manager. It provides information on the applications that are not used based on their usage percentage.

It also helps manage them and uninstall applications that are really used by the user.  This helps make more space in the device. This action of Nox Cleaner Apk also helps the device to work at its maximum. Nox Cleaner Apk app can also analyses the photo gallery and sort the photos in two different albums.  It also allows users to select the duplicate photos and delete them. It also helps users select the photos that they might want to delete. Nox Cleaner Apk also has an application locker.

It provides users with the ability to lock their applications. This prevents any third person from peeking into their private apps. Nox Cleaner Apk Provide users with the ability to either keep a pattern lock or a fingerprint lock or even a pin code to keep their applications secure and safe.  The app Nox Cleaner Apk provides active customer service in case one has any query regarding it. It does so by providing the contact ability through their official website, email, and Instagram and other social media pages.


Nox Cleaner Apk