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About this App

As the name signifies, Package Disabler Pro Apk allows users to disable packages and apps that they do not want to use as of now. Package Disabler Pro Apk is developed by PoliceDevelopers, a web developing company. It is a premium package and allows its user to use its advanced premium features by paying a small amount.

Package Disabler Pro Apk does not require a device that has rooting in it. Package Disabler Pro Apk allows users to disable any such apps that they want to not use at that particular moment in time. Disabling these apps helps them preserve their device battery as well and it makes the device perform in a fast manner.

The user can also export their apps or any other system packages to external storage Package Disabler Pro Apk also supports importing ability in case their device was set to a factory reset or their device needs a backup. The user of Package Disabler Pro Apk can benefit from its ability to put parental controls on apps and system packages. It provides users with the ability to remove any kind of bloatware by just clicking once and then the device gets rid of it in a couple of seconds.

Package Disabler Pro Apk can make use of the password feature to prevent any intruders from getting into the app. It also provides users with filters to see the disabled apps as well as the apps installed in their device. The user will have to remove their google accounts before installing it. They can sign in again once done with the installation process of Package Disabler Pro Apk.

The user can uninstall their app in case they are not happy with the service. This will give them an auto refunding of their dues. The app Package Disabler Pro Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, internet connectivity settings, and device and app history settings. Disabler Pro Apk