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About this App

Perfect365 apk is an editing application that allows its users to tweak their makeup looks by using its amazing features. It was developed by Arcsoft web developers. The app Perfect365 apk comes in various different languages and allows users from any topographical or geographical region, to make use of its editing tools.

The user would simply have to take a photo. This photo can be directly taken or can be imported from their device. After selection of the photo the app will recognize the features of the person. Then it will allow the user to make changes to it as per their liking. The user may make use of the app Perfect365 apk to smoothen their face, remove pimples, lighten dark spots, add eye shadow, add hairstyles, change color, add lipsticks, lighten skin tone, wider their smile, make it even more bright, remove facial hair and a lot more.

The app Perfect365 apk functions as a social media platform. It allows its users to create amazing looks and then post it on their timeline. In this way, people from all around the world can make use of its filters and enjoy as well as learn from their looks. The Pro beauty filter option provides the Perfect365 apk user with unlimited makeup options to do.

This includes the works of high end influencers and top makeup artists. On just tapping the photo, the user may look into the filter used and how the make up is done. The app Perfect365 apk allows users to save their edits onto their phones. The app Perfect365 apk also allows its users to share their edits on any of their social media sites with ease.  The app Perfect365 apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, camera settings, internet connectivity settings and device and app settings.


Perfect365 Apk