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About this App

Photo Collage Maker Apk is a collage maker as obvious from its name. It helps users in creating stunning edits by merging their pictures together into a collage. Photo Collage Maker Apk is developed by Lyrebird Studio. Photo Collage Maker Apk has many amazing features including a multiple overlays that allows any amateur to start using the app service without getting intimidated by it. It allows users to create awesome edits by making use of stickers and emoticons from its huge sticker library. Not only that, but a Photo Collage Maker Apk user can easily make attractive edits using the Doodling Option as well.

Photo Collage Maker Apk allows users to convert their normal photos and images to memes. This helps them create more creative content due to the full creative freedom provided to the user by the app. This meme content can then be easily shared on social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as on WhatsApp and other messaging applications. There are multiple amazing grid options that allow users to have full fun activity with it. Photo Collage Maker Apk can take direct pictures by using a selfie camera of the app. This provides them with the ability to instantly create a village at the spot of freshly clicked photos.

Photo Collage Maker Apk also has a built-in face tune feature. This helps users to smooth their skin before putting them in a grid collage or a freestyle collage design. Photo Collage Maker Apk provides its services for free. However the app also has a premium version that contains more advanced features that are made available to the user after paying a small amount. The app Photo Collage Maker Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, Internet connectivity settings, and device and app history settings.

Photo Collage Maker Apk