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About this App

If you want to watch live TV channels on your mobile phone, then here is an app whose name is pikashow that can turn your device into a small TV. This live video streaming app has a huge fan following on the internet that’s why it has good ratings all over the internet. This app not only shows you live TV channels but you can also watch movies, sports, seasons, documentaries, and other great content.

Pikashow has a great user interface so you can easily navigate everything on this application. You don’t need a high-end mobile device for this app because pikashow is a lightweight app so you can download and install it on any good smart device. You will get a good experience from this app every time because of the optimization which is very great. Developers of pikashow apps often send updates to maintain the quality of it.

You don’t need any kind of registration to use this app which means all you need to do is open this app on your device and you are ready to watch your favorite content on it. Now let’s talk about the unique features of the Pikashow app which makes this live streaming app different from others. There is so much more to know about this app that can excite anyone.

Pikashow Mod Apk