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About this App

The app Pixel Icons Apk allows users to use icons for their applications.  The app Pixel Icons Apk is developed by Pixelflow web developers. The app Pixel Icons Apk allows users Change the shape of their icons.  First of all the user will have to download the application.   After downloading the Application, The user has to launch the Pixel Icons Apk application and then change the device default icons with the application’s Icons pack. 

The user will only have to press the select button to apply it and all will be done in just a couple of seconds. The user will also have to grant permissions to make sure the app Pixel Icons Apk can make changes into the devices system.  Unlike other icon packs, this application Pixel Icons Apk allows users to even change those items of the apps that are downloaded by the user themselves.  In this way uniformity is present in the interface.

The app offers more than 4000 icons.  And this number gradually increases with every update. It also provides users with different themes the user may wish to customize. The app also contains in app purchases but these in app purchases are only for donation purposes.

It also has dynamic calendar icons and is able to support more than 20 launches such as Nova Launcher etc. the app Pixel Icons Apk also comes with a request tool that allows users to request for new items whenever they are in need of it.  The app also consists of a blueprint dashboard, excuse a wallpapers, and is able to update regularly. The user will have to buy this app by paying a small amount but it is all worth it. The app Pixel Icons Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, media files, and device and app history settings.


Pixel Icons Apk