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About this App

Pixiv Fanbox is a popular app that deals with the community of artists around the world. Millions of people are here on this app and they share their arts, masterpieces and thoughts with each other. There are a lot of features integrated into this app that will make you love this app. It is best for manga lovers and artists because they can share their manga arts and designs on this app.

You can easily create an ID and can register yourself on this app. Share your thoughts on others’ manga arts and become friends. It allows you to download and save your favourite art available on this app. It has beautiful and colourful user interface with friendly features. It has high speed loading rate because of its lightweight interface.

There are no annoying ads because this version have some premium perks. You can also share your work on this app. Share posts on this app and increase your fans. It allows you to schedule your post. There are drawing lectures available which you can take without any limit or restriction. You can set manga arts as a wallpaper after saving into your device.

Pixiv Fanbox Apk