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About this App

Quick Video Recorder Apk is a video recording application that allows users to record videos from rear or back cameras with ease. It was developed by Kimcy929, a web developer. Quick Video Recorder apk lets the user record videos by tapping onto their device screen, without making any kind of noise. 

It can even record when the screen is off. The user of Quick Video Recorder Apk can also schedule their video recordings as per their liking. It is done by selecting the date, time, and duration of the recording. Since Quick Video Recorder Apk allows recording from both, rear and front camera, thus it allows the user to choose that beforehand too.

Not only that, Quick Video Recorder Apk also allows users to customize their videos recording. Such as one could select if they want the shutter to make a sound or not, same goes for the preview of the video. They can also allow the app to vibrate when recording starts. Quick Video Recorder Apk users can select if they want the flash option on or off.

Other settings that the user can customize include, video stabilizer mode, autofocus mode, and ability to reduce noise. Quick Video Recorder Apk also supplies the user with multiple widget options this helps the user to access the camera when they want, immediately without actually opening the app.

These widgets are displayed as small icons on the home screen. One can use Quick Video Recorder Apk to create innovative and amazing videos for social media. It also helps the avid gamers to record as many game play videos as they like and then share it with their family and friends. The users can easily record videos at night with its special dedicated night mode. The app Quick Video Recorder Apk requires permission to access storage of the user’s phone, camera settings, media files, contact files, and device and app history.

Quick Video Recorder Apk