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About this App

REFACE APK, is formerly known as Duplicate and free lifestyle mobile app that allows you to swap your own likeness faces  onto GIFs. This photo app utilizes deep and fake technology to create realistic and live images editing by using your phone’s camera. It’s similar to ZAO but uses short GIFs  than movie scenes for your template. You can also create personalized GIF reactions with this app and share them on your social media  on accounts. In these days, photo editing apps are try to gain popularity. You can get the image  through this app what you want with just one application, instead of  using heavy and complex Photoshop software.

Snap seed, PicsArt, VSCO and Adobe Light room  that will add art in your photos. When do you want to create funny pictures, Face App and REFACE these all are the options that could not be more suitable. A short time ago created a trend to turn young into old. Every day, when you surf the newsfeed, you can easily see people you post and share pictures like that. Now a day’s a new trend has taken throne when REFACE  APK  is  the face changing app it has been released on Android. What is  special about REFACE PRO APK that makes people love.

 Here, It is worth mentioning  that  imaginer and analyzer of REFACE  that is highly detailed. It will examine all pixel then to decide whether to replace with that pixel or not. So your videos become more authentic than ever. As you can see, if you want to do this by using software on your computer, it will take all day. As for this application, it only takes a few seconds.

Reface Apk works  as just like other app programs: you just need to record your appearance with a selfie.  As such, when you at first launch the app, it will ask for your permission to use the camera. Again assure that your face data will only be used for its services. You can immediately take a simple selfie by using the oval face marker,  round face etc on the screen and start using that as your face template.