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The app Simple File Manager Pro Apk is a very quick folder manager for Android gadgets. This app provides the user with the ability to manage and organize their thousands of files and folders with ease.  This helps the users in saving time sorting the files.  Simple File Manager Pro Apk allows users to compress the files when needed or transfer them from one device to another.  It also allows users to convert the media files and in format that they like.

The app also allows users to customize the home folder.  It allows them to add a shortcut to their home screen so that they could have quick access to it when they have limited time at hand.  Simple File Manager Pro Apk supplies users with a full amalgamation of Amazing features such as the search bar, the copy, the cut and delete feature, the ability to download files, decompress them when needed or rename them. It also allows users to set an ascending or descending format for the files categorization.

The app Simple File Manager Pro Apk also contains features to check the details of the file such as its size in MB or KB, the date when it was last modified, and its creation date. The camera model in the case of photos and videos, etc. The app also comes with an inbuilt security protection feature that is of high end. 

These include password protection, pin code protection, and fingerprint sensor.  The app Simple File Manager Pro Apk also consists of the ability to hide the private items or make them visible as per the liking. The app does not need any kind of internet access.  This allows the user to use it whenever they want freely without needing to connect it to any internet source.


Simple File Manager Pro Apk